What to do if you have been arrested and charged with a Tennessee DUI

As common as they are, DUIs can lead to very harsh punishments and consequences when a person is convicted. These punishments can range from jail time to hefty fines. But the collateral consequences can be equally devastating, including the loss of business, employment and education opportunities in some cases. This makes it essential that you treat the charge with the utmost caution and avoid making any decisions that would be cause for regret down the line.

After being charged, the first question you’ll probably ask yourself is: “Should I get some Personal Injury Attorneys to represent me in my DUI case?” The simple answer is: Yes, you should. Getting the services of an experienced DUI defense lawyer has immense advantages, ranging from familiarity with the court system and the ability to navigate the complicated administrative procedures to knowledge of and experience in plea bargains. These factors can greatly increase the chances of getting a favorable outcome at the end of the case.

The next thing that will probably come to your mind after you found the Auto accident attorneys is whether you should plead guilty and get it over with in the shortest possible time. Although on occasion, your lawyer or drunk driving defense law firm may advise that that is the best course, most of the time, one or more defenses will be available from the numerous defenses to DUI charges that exist. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a knowledgeable Tennessee DUI attorney can have the charges against you reduced or dismissed, or get you acquitted if the case moves to trial. The charges against you can be challenged on the basis of the legality of the traffic stop, whether the field sobriety test was voluntary and the lawfulness of your arrest. For instance, if your Knoxville DUI lawyer can prove that there was no probable cause for the police officers’ pulling you over, he could have the entire DUI case against you thrown out.

In short, when facing a charge for DUI or other alcohol-related driving offense, take a deep breath, and call an experienced DUI attorney; your chances of a favorable outcome will be significantly higher.

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