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Welcome to the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, PC. Knoxville Tennessee’s Premier Criminal Defense Law Firm.

Knoxville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, our firm handles criminal defense, personal injury, and administrative law cases. Our legal team works relentlessly to obtain justice for those wrongly accused of a crime. Our Knoxville criminal defense lawyer is committed to helping clients overcome the pain, suffering, and loss of a personal injury or accident.

We are Tennessee’s Best Criminal Defense Law Firm.

Our law firm strives to stand out from the competition by providing the highest level of customer service. We are committed to listening and responding to your unique legal needs.

We serve those who have been charged or may be under investigation for a crime.

Have you been arrested? Are you currently under investigation by the police? Do you believe that you may be facing criminal charges? If so, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Tennessee criminal defense lawyer immediately.

When experience counts, you can count on the skilled Knoxville criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices Of James A.H. Bell, PC.

James A.H. Bell is a veteran Tennessee criminal defense attorney. He has litigated over 1,000 contested cases in motions, trials, and hearings. In these legal proceedings, Mr. Bell advocated for his clients’ positions before Chancellors, Administrative Law Judges, and Trial Judges (both with and without citizen juries), at the local, state, federal, and appellate levels.

Mr. Bell has an outstanding reputation among his peers and the judiciary as a trial lawyer. His career has spanned nearly 50 years, and Mr. Bell has continuously fought the good fight in challenging the injustice in the halls of justice.

Our Knoxville criminal defense attorneys will offer you a free consultation during which they will offer advice on how to reduce charges, get rid of certain accusations, or lessen the severity of each verdict.

Being placed on community service differs greatly from being placed on house arrest or going to prison.

Hire a knowledgeable Knox County criminal defense attorney like James A. H. Bell to increase your chances of receiving a shorter sentence.

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Trusted & Experienced.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell have the experience you require and deserve when your future and reputation are at stake. It is an honor to serve the people of our state as Knoxville, Tennessee’s most experienced criminal defense law firm. Our criminal defense services cover a wide range of offenses in state and federal courts, including white-collar crime, fraud, theft, DUI, homicide, sexual offenses, drug cases, assaults, felonies, and misdemeanors.

DUI Defense

Because Tennessee DUI laws are complex and can result in severe penalties, DUI charges are some of the most complicated criminal cases to defend. Protect your rights by using one of our skilled Knoxville DUI lawyers.

Personal Injury

Those injured or wrongfully killed because of someone else’s negligence deserve compassionate legal representation. Our Knoxville personal injury lawyers fight to secure justice and compensation for our clients.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced Knoxville criminal defense lawyer to help you protect your rights and future. Our attorneys investigate the charges against our clients, review police conduct, develop a strong defense, and represent them in court.

Administrative Licensing

As Tennessee professional license defense attorneys, we recommend that you never try to represent yourself. Don’t risk your license or future. Contact us to consult with a Knoxville criminal defense lawyer who has expertise in Tennessee administrative licensing defense.

Our dedicated team of Knoxville criminal defense lawyers and staff has proudly served Tennessee clients for over 45 years.

Selecting an attorney may be the most important decision of your life. Choosing a Knoxville criminal defense lawyer who has tried hundreds of criminal cases to verdict before a judge and jury in challenging cases is essential when your freedom is at stake.

Few Knoxville criminal defense lawyers in the area have the trial experience necessary to produce a positive outcome. It can be difficult to find an attorney willing to devote their time, resources, and energy to building a defense in a criminal case.

Our firm is made up of dedicated professionals dedicated to fighting for our clients. Our attorneys are highly skilled, educated, and trained. They have successfully litigated numerous cases throughout the United States and in Tennessee on behalf of thousands of clients like you.

Are you looking for a Knoxville criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively advocate on your behalf? Contact our firm now for a seasoned criminal defense lawyer you can trust to fight for your rights and protect your future. Our team is qualified, willing, and ready to serve you.

Speak to a Knoxville criminal defense attorney today.

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We know the litigation process can be stressful. That is why our entire staff, including our attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and in-house private investigator, works closely together to communicate and coordinate with clients.

James A.H. Bell

Founding Attorney

Lori Hamblin

Operations Manager

Investigator Law office of James A.H. Bell

Shayne Cooper

Licensed Investigator

Cody Evans

Senior Criminal and Administrative Paralegal

Bianca Johnson

Senior Civil Paralegal

Renee Sutton

Chief Clerk and Receptionist

Our Strategy

In combination with our decades of trial experience and in-house resources, we are equipped with the necessary legal tools to best present a client’s case before a judge or jury.

We employ a full-time licensed investigator so that we can respond immediately to preserve evidence in your case. The numerous technical resources we have access repeatedly advantage our clients in both civil and criminal cases. Additionally, our firm’s experience has allowed us to develop a national network of experts in various disciplines that can be used to consult on your particular case.

It is critical to investigate your legal representation options in order to select the best Knoxville criminal defense lawyer. To evaluate their qualifications and experience, browse their lawyer’s website.

Next, reach out to a few lawyers to see which ones are helpful and responsive. When you work with the best Knoxville criminal defense law firm, you will receive specialized services, reasonable fees, and round-the-clock attention during the course of your case.

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Client Testimonials

Jill MarlingJill Marling
14:23 10 Jul 24
Mr. Bell and (Cody)- actually his entire team are phenomenal! If not for their expertise and strive to get the truth my son’s outcome could have been catastrophic. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism and commitment.
linda snowlinda snow
19:34 01 Jul 24
The most thorough and professional attorney you will encounter. He is fair and always looks out for the best interests of the client. Very knowledgeable and experienced, not to mention personable and funny! Highly recommended!!
Cynthia TiptonCynthia Tipton
16:46 01 Jul 24
Mr. Bell represented my Sibling. He andhis staff are very professional and caring. Calls are returned promptly. Mr. Bell is very easy to talk to. In my opinion he is the best!
Katie ButlerKatie Butler
13:31 01 Jul 24
Jim, Shane and Lori have taken care of my family as if we are family. We recently had an incident that they took immediately and resolved as if it was their personal situation. I was able to cast my concern onto them and they handled the rest.
tasya belktasya belk
14:35 28 Jun 24
Me. Bell seemed to really care. Although, The outcome of my trial seemed to be much more satisfying to the firm than myself. I feel I spent extremely more money and valuable time than if I were to have just had a public defender or plead guilty in the first place. The amount I paid was insane for me to just plead guilty to the original charges. The anxiety and strain on my life and career was far more intense than it should have been, I feel. The entire process was dragged out by going to psychologists, treatment, and suggestions of hard core therapy, while court dates continued to be postponed. I now not only have legal fees, but healthcare costs that I cannot afford. Not to mention, not being able to work because of the outcome, recommendations, strain, and stress placed upon me, unnecessarily. Had I have gone in on the first or second court date and accepted my initial charges, I would be nearly through with my sentence and closer to getting on with my life without heaps of debt and humiliation. I also feel like the anxiety of it all would have been far less intense.Mr. Bell is a good person and seems to care.I would recommend not hiring the first lawyer you can, which is what I did in my case. The firm seemed to have too many cases to worry or care much about mine. Emails would go unanswered until weeks and finally calls. Then things would get set off until later dates. It was nearly a year before I was able to plead and start trying to get on with my life.Going forward, I hope to be able to get my life back on track.If you take anything away from this, please consider talking to multiple legal professionals rather than just deciding on the first one you get to.
Robert HawkinsRobert Hawkins
17:01 11 Apr 24
A few years back, I was involved in a road rage situation with this lady and had to turn to legal council. James Bell came to my rescue. He handled this matter in the most professional way and was able to turn the tide against this crazy woman that was trying to sue me for no Reason whatsoever.Return. With Mr. Bell’s guidance we were able to handle this situation and get everything all charges dismissed. It was an unbelievable result and I will be grateful to Mr. Bell for helping me put this woman in her place that
Shane WoodsShane Woods
19:56 02 Apr 24
On behalf of myself and my family, our experience with Mr. Bell was excellent. He handled my case with the utmost expertise and attention. Communication was very clear and efficient throughout. Mr. Bell genuinely cares! He and his staff conducted themselves very professionally. As a result of their hard work, my case was resolved in the best possible manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Bell and his team!
Chris BrownChris Brown
00:22 15 Feb 24
I was falsely accused of multiple felonies and had no idea what to do. The only laws I have ever broken are minor traffic violations, so I was horrified. I began researching attorneys and reading reviews. Mr. Bell was at the top of my list after days of research because of his clients reviews and the results he and his team had produced for them. I was definitely not disappointed. At our first meeting, he decided to take my case. What impressed me the most was his genuine concern and care for me and my mental state. He reassured me that I was going to be okay. He even asked on a regular basis throughout the process how I was doing and how my personal life was going. His team is very thorough and professional. Cody, his paralegal, and Shane, his lead investigator, showed great care in my case and paid attention to every detail. I was updated regularly and they answered every question I had during the pre-trial process. The whole team fought for me in and out of court. The information that was gathered and all the evidence that they found gave Mr. Bell everything he needed to have all my charges dropped. After a 2 1/2 year legal battle with the state, a not guilty verdict was signed by the judge. Mr Bell, in my opinion, is one of the best (if not THE best) trial lawyers I have ever seen in action. I highly recommend him and his team. They will treat you with respect and fight for you they helped me get my life back and clear my name.
christopher neidigchristopher neidig
20:00 04 Feb 24
Mickey MesserMickey Messer
05:08 26 Jan 24
Mr Bell is the best if you want great results. He took our case and got better results than we ever expected. He is very professional but at the same time very personable. He treats you with great respect. His staff is wonderful also. Very pleased!
Keely SageKeely Sage
16:57 11 Jan 24
Very helpful and informative. Helped me see if I had a case or not, and if it was worth investing time and legal fees. Although not necessary to proceed with services, I’m glad I got the information I needed.
05:55 04 Jan 24
Jim Bell and his team deserve all the praise in the world. He has been so helpful in any law related issue I have ever had. Whether it is assisting with legal advice or acting as my legal representative when needed, he has always gotten the job done to my greatest satisfaction. I don’t know where I would be without his guidance over the years. I would highly recommend him if you need a highly skilled attorney!
Joy HatcherJoy Hatcher
18:35 03 Jan 24
I wanna say thank you to Jim Bell and his team for all they have done for my kids over the years. I have known Mr.Bell for 15 years or better and anytime we have a legal issue he has dropped what he was doing took time out to call and was very helpful in assisting with whatever the problem may be. Excellent lawyer would highly recommend him and his team. If you’re looking for the best lawyer to help you that’s definitely James Bell by far.
Jeanette CollierJeanette Collier
15:38 18 Dec 23
I was charged with a fake crime. Mr. Bell and his team did a very professional and thorough job to make sure we had every bit of evidence to clear my name.
Noah ParkerNoah Parker
19:17 14 Dec 23
I wanna say thank you to Mr Bell and his team they were absolutely amazing through every step of the way and if I could give more than 5 stars I would, they went above and beyond and worked very hard to help me when I needed it most. They provided me comfort and peace of mind through a very stressful situation and gave me reassurance that everything would go away and it ended up just as he promised. Mr Bell not only cared about my case but he cared about me and he will do the same for you.
Rodney GibsonRodney Gibson
16:38 14 Dec 23
Absolutely great lawyer and person. Always returns calls very promptly. His investigator,Shane Cooper does an excellent job as well...highly recommend this firm
Rodney GibsonRodney Gibson
16:12 14 Dec 23
Very professional and easy to deal with..always quick to respond back to phone calls..would highly recommend these folks!
Colin ParkerColin Parker
14:31 06 Dec 23
Gotta say the money was well spent and I have a serious background then caught some charges that I should get slammed for but Jim worked me out a sweet deal and even tho I gotta do some time it’s nothing compared to what I could’ve got and that’s my word…💯💯💯 money well spent
Kimberly HartKimberly Hart
16:41 27 Nov 23
Mr. Bell is a trial lawyers lawyer. He is a litigator not negotiator which I find rare and refreshing. Working in the legal community I recently had the need to reach out to Mr. Bell for help. His assistance and knowledge was priceless. I also found his associates and staff to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
18:22 15 Nov 23
This law firm has a 5 star rating for a reason, "They are the Best".I was charged with 2 gun felonys facing jail time and becoming a convicted felon, I was on a mission to find the best of the best legal team available and I did! Mr Bell's team Lori, Shane and Cody have been with the firm for decades that in itself says so much about this firm. I will end with this Both of my felonys were dismissed and I couldn't be more pleased with the support and hard work of The Bell firm. I want to thank James and his team for all there hard work .
Lakisha JohnsonLakisha Johnson
21:11 13 Nov 23
These people are truely amazing . I got in a car wreck 2020 and I felt my life had come to a end .i was so depressed my car was totaled and I hurt myself in a wreck . As I called James bell and he took my case with 0 down and won my case and got alot more money then I ever thought I would of got .
00:01 28 Jul 23
Mr. Bell and his team assisted me for a civil case, and I couldn’t be more grateful. He was supportive and honest every step of the way. I truly appreciate the time and attention from Mr. Bell and Cody. If you’re looking for legal support in the Knoxville area, I highly recommend Mr. James A. H. Bell.
Amanda BrittinghamAmanda Brittingham
02:02 26 Jul 23
Mr. Bell, Cody and the whole team are incredibly professional and know how to make you feel like family. If you have any bit of anxiety at all Mr. Bell works wonders at dissolving it. Not to mention they will make sure to work tirelessly to get you all of the justice they can. If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, you shouldn't look any further.
The attorney i spoke to asked how much I had to spend. And it wasn't nearly enough according to him. He told me and I quote "try to go get up on on sombody else". TERRIBLE customer service. If what I had to pay wasn't up to par, the attorney spoken to could handle the situation with much more respect. Hope you don't talk to all working class customers like this.
20:17 30 May 23
Mr. Bell, Cody and team are incredible. They were not only professional, but went out of their way to make sure I was at ease and comfortable throughout the entire process.Knowing that Mr.Bell has mentored and taught numerous lawyers throughout the country, I could not have asked for better representation. I am thankful I had the opportunity to have had Mr.Bell and associates as my team. They should be everyone’s first and only choice.
Chris WoodsChris Woods
21:34 15 Apr 23
When Mr. Bell represented me I sat in awe of his performance in court. I felt like I was watching a courtroom drama on tv. He is relentless and really brilliant.
Rachel WesseliusRachel Wesselius
20:19 10 Apr 23
Mr. Bell's services during my case were amazing! He went to great lengths to get everything settled with the desired outcome. Mr. Bell and his team will do everything in their power to help their clients and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. They make you feel comfortable and welcome as they talk you through their processes to make sure every aspect is fully understood.
Jimmy CassityJimmy Cassity
14:59 04 Apr 23
When making a decision that could affect your life, there is only 1 right decision. Mr. Bell and his team helped us in our time of need. What really sets this firm apart is the work in the background by his experienced investigator, Jim's vast knowledge and Experience, and reputation. He is very well known and respected. They answered a late night call and continued to show us they cared about our situation. We thank Mr. Bell and his team for all the hard work and effort.
Ron LinkinsRon Linkins
18:02 02 Mar 23
I have known Jim for years and I would trust him with all of my legal needs. His knowledge and work ethic are second to none. He goes above and beyond to get his clients the justice they deserve.
Rick LawsonRick Lawson
21:28 13 Feb 23
Mr Bell did an excellent job looking out for my best interests. Highly recommend him. His Paralegal Bianca is wonderful and always made sure the communication was prompt and clear. Highly recommend them for legal representation.
Antoinette MattisonAntoinette Mattison
18:58 10 Nov 22
Mr. Bell handled a case for my cousin Mr. Hunter. His law firm has been absolutely PHENOMENAL!! I am extremely grateful for his legal representation and his skills, knowledge and expertise were displayed. I am so thankful for a successful outcome!! You all are the best and deserve more than 5 Stars!!
jermel hunterjermel hunter
17:45 03 Nov 22
I can honestly say that Mr Bell and his staff will go above and beyond when representing you. They make you feel very comfortable during a time of uncertainty. Their firm gets high praises from me and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone seeking council. Would give Mr Bell and his staff more than 5 stars if it were possible!
Beverly HunterBeverly Hunter
15:31 03 Nov 22
Mr. Bell is an amazing attorney. He came highly recommended to me to handle my son's case and is someone I highly recommend. He and his staff made the process so much easier and gave me a piece of mind in a stressful situation. They went above and beyond and worked diligently to ensure my son's outcome was not a homerun but GRANDSLAM!! They not only care about your case, but they care about you. What an AMAZING firm that deserves not 5 but 10 stars. You guys are the BEST. Your firm has restored my faith in the justice system.
Kathy KiddKathy Kidd
00:00 25 Oct 22
James Bell and his team are excellent and provide excellent service. He has done everything he promised to do and was extremely helpful to my family. I highly recommend Mr. Bell and his team if your are in the need for an attorney and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again. Thanks again for a job well done.
Denise MillerDenise Miller
14:54 17 Sep 22
Mr. Bell and his team provided me with the legal support I needed after having been injured in a car accident. Mr. Bell and his staff collected all the information from the police, the insurance companies, the repair center, the doctor's office and physical therapists. With their help, my car was repaired and I received compensation for my injuries. After my initial contact with them and the insurance company, I was able to focus on healing and a return to normal. Their experience, professionalism, and customer service are outstanding and I would highly recommend their services to anyone with a legal issue.
Amanda RobertsAmanda Roberts
13:48 19 Jul 22
Jim is great. Will fight for you from beginning to end. Fierce in the courtroom. His staff and Jim will go the extra mile for you. They get more than 5 stars !!!! Go to Jim first.
Brittany BogardBrittany Bogard
00:51 14 Jul 22
Jim and his team are fantastic. They are very knowledgeable and really try every avenue for a defense. They made me feel extremely comfortable and safe while going through my legal battle. They will definitely step up to the plate for you and tell you exactly how it is going to play out. Could not recommend them enough!
David PalmerDavid Palmer
11:56 01 Jul 22
This is not just your “average” law firm. Mr. Bell was ALWAYS available to speak directly to me as was his staff. They treated me like family and more importantly I feel like they genuinely care about my personal life and my overall well-being! Mr. Bell is and absolute gentleman to my family & I and a consummate professional whenever I went to court! I NEVER worried when we went to court …TOGETHER! He took charge and was ALWAYS honest w/ me about what to expect and was almost like a father figure/professional when I was scarred- took AWESOME care of my loved ones and myself! His staff, and investigators were extremely thorough and at my disposal 100%!…ANYTIME!Mr Bell and his staff ALWAYS put my mind at ease and I would never THINK about using ANYONE else!!….EVER! After ALL I went through he, Cody and Shane NEVER left my side and was ALWAYS ON my side! I will forever be indebted to him- Even when he had to give me the HARD truth, he did it w/ genuine concern-then took care of me!He and staff are ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONALS!!!!
Dawn WhiteDawn White
22:22 03 Jun 22
Mr.Bell and his team helped our family through the most difficult time in our lives. They were professional, kind, informative, stern and saved our family. We will use them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone in need. They started as our attorneys and we now consider them family.
Ralphine HuffRalphine Huff
08:51 21 Mar 22
Great lawyer! He really cares about his clients. He works hard to get you what you deserve. He always made me feel like i was important and was really concerned about what was happening to me. He never backed down and he made me feel like my life was what was important. I never felt like I was just a number to him. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!
martha wikemartha wike
01:57 11 Mar 22
I was very pleased with the legal services Jim Bell provided our family. I felt very much at ease when talking with him, initially. He answered all of my questions, some of which were difficult and direct. His 40 plus years of experience as a litigator, and the professional relationships he cultivated over that time period in Knoxville paid off. He represented us himself, rather than having associates handle things. He was always available by phone and by email. His receptionist and associates were friendly, competent and reassuring. He never promised a specific outcome, but we always knew the plan. He always did what he said he would do. We got the outcome we wanted and the process felt fair. He was not inexpensive, but he was worth his fee. I would absolutely use his firm again if I ever needed to.
Misty GougeMisty Gouge
05:44 07 Mar 22
This is the most amazing law firm I have ever dealt with. I had the occasion to use James as an attorney twenty years ago with spectacular results. After twenty years, the results in my recent case were the same: spectacular. James, Shayne, Nicole and Cody were all unbelievably compassionate. They worked extremely hard from the first phone call to the firm until the final dismissal of the case. This is not your typical attorney who promises you the moon and then tries to get you to settle: he wants JUSTICE and he gets it. I will never use another attorney again as long as James A.H. Bell is practicing law. If you want results without the BS that you get from other law firms then hire these guys: they are the best. Thank you again from the bottom of my family's hearts for all you have done. It was definitely above and beyond.

Our promise

We will handle all aspects of your case. For every negotiation and legal decision, an attorney is directly involved. You can trust us to handle details with the utmost care.

As the law firm representing you, we are committed to getting the best possible result for you and your family. We will care for you and your family members the way we would hope for our loved ones to be treated.

– Jim Bell

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Our offices are located 6210 Highland Place Way, Knoxville, TN 37919. Our location is near the Krispie Kreame Donut Shop on Kingston Pike. We have handicap and parking facilities, modern equipment, and space that will provide easier accessibility for our beloved clients.

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