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Out-of-State Drivers arrested in Tennessee for DUI:

How Would a Conviction be treated by my “Home State”?

If you are charged and convicted of a Tennessee DUI, you will lose only your driving privileges in the State of Tennessee.  Tennessee may also report your conviction to your home state. Likely, that state will suspend your license for whatever period proscribed by the identified state statute.  So, for example, if you suffer the loss of your license here for a year, it may mean you lose your license in that state there for six months.

These suspensions generally are governed by a compact act that requires member states to report tickets and other convictions received by motorists to the state where are licensed drivers. If a ticket, you might receive points against your license there. Also, when a state suspends the license of an out-of-state driver, the state where the motorist received a license to drive will also suspend their license.

Your home state usually picks up this suspension 30-120 days from the time of the Tennessee conviction. The suspension starts at the time that the home state receives the notice from Tennessee.

If you are an out-of-state driver and have experienced a driving violation allegation, please call our office to discuss ways to limit your exposure from any potential conviction in TN, as well as how to fight the DUI you are charged with.  If you have been charged with “refusal,” there may be a good way to save your out-of-state driving privileges.

Handling DUI Charges for Out of State Drivers in Knox, Union, Loudon County, and throughout East and Middle Tennessee.

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