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Inattentive driving or poor decisions made while operating a vehicle are the main causes of car accidents. Every day we see drivers talking on cell phones, changing lanes without signaling or looking, tailgating, traveling too fast for weather conditions, and running red lights and stop signs. When a car accident causes injury and you hire The Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, we will investigate to pinpoint the negligence and pursue comprehensive damages for your losses.

An estimated 5.5 million auto accidents occur annually in the United States, according to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). About 3 million people are injured and 40,000 people die as a result of these car crashes. 

What Should I Do If I Am Involved in a Car Wreck?

A life-changing injury or a loved one’s wrongful death can immediately turn your world upside down. You have a lot to deal with: confusion, pain, grief, and details involving insurance, property damage, and an uncertain future.

  • Get medical attention. Your first concern after an injury must be medical attention. You need to know the extent of your injuries. If a loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, you will talk to medical professionals and make decisions that will affect you and your family for a long time.
  • Call a lawyer. Don’t talk to an insurance company if a car, truck, or motorcycle accident has caused you a life-changing injury. Talk to an experienced car accident attorney. The insurance company would like to settle as quickly for as little money as possible. Until you know the extent of your losses, you should not settle.
  • We will tell your story. Tell our personal injury law firm about your accident and how your injuries or your loved one’s wrongful death have affected you. We have the trial experience and compassion to tell your story to an insurance company and a jury.

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