I Have been arrested and charged with a Drug Crime Do I need a Lawyer?

Getting arrested and charged with a drug crime is a very unnerving experience. Keeping a level head and exercising your rights to the fullest greatly increases the likelihood that you come out of the situation as unscathed as possible. More than that though, having a lawyer, especially a specialized drug crimes defense attorney work with you on your case is the single best thing you can do in the circumstances.

Different states have different approaches to dealing with drug crime, and the federal government tends to take the toughest stance when it comes to sentencing. These are just two of the peculiarities of the criminal justice system that an experienced lawyer can help you navigate on your way to making the best out of the situation. A drug trafficking defense law firm is likely to have several lawyers who are versed in getting people out of such tough spots as you find yourself, by advising them everything on what plea to make and what defense to utilize, should the case go to trial. Attempting to do this on your own would only open you to a lot of dangers and pitfalls that could turn out to be costly both in terms of your finances and your freedom.

Although the Miranda Rights give some protection against rights abuses when a person is being arrested, inadequate knowledge of the scope of those rights could lead to putting one’s self in more trouble. For instance, an experienced Drug Possession Defense Lawyer would be able to advise you as to the admissibility of any evidence that the police might have incriminating you to the crime. If the acquisition of a piece of evidence is flawed and contrary to the fourth amendment(which guarantees the right to due process of law,) then the lawyer would be able to let you know and prevent a blunder where you give the police a much stronger grip on you.

Ultimately, if facing a drug charge in Tennessee, the consequences can be severe. You do not need to face the situation alone, and indeed it is almost always in your best interest to retain an attorney that has been through the process before. Drug charges can destroy a life, but with the help of an experienced attorney, they don’t have to.

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