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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Knoxville and Knoxville DUI Defense.

A criminal record may have an impact on your employment, your family life, your freedom, and your ability to vote and carry a gun. The Knoxville criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell are experienced in handling criminal cases and are aware of the potential impact that charges may have on your life and career, both now and in the future.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Tennessee, you will be facing one of the most stressful situations anyone can experience during their lifetime.

The one thing that can help lessen the pressure and worry as the case winds its way through the court system is to have the zealous representation of experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent you and/or you’re a family member, attorneys who can give you all the legal advice and assistance that is possible.

Before speaking with anyone else, if you have been charged with or accused of a crime in Tennessee, you should consult a criminal defense attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee. It could be that you are giving up rights that you do not even know you have. Did you know, for instance, that the police should stop asking you questions other than those intended to get you an attorney if you request one in most cases? A common misconception is that asking for legal representation implies you are guilty or have something to conceal. There is nothing that is more false than this.

Tennessee criminal defense attorney James A.H. Bell and the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C., are a group of dedicated legal professionals who serve clients facing criminal charges in Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as across the state and the country.

Whether you are charged with a minor misdemeanor or a complex felony, it is important that you be aware of your rights and your options.  Even something that looks like a simple misdemeanor offense can have serious long-term consequences, so you should never take for granted that your case does not require the assistance of a capable and experienced attorney.

If you have been charged with a Tennessee crime, make sure you hire an attorney with the resources to defend you.

Knoxville, TN criminal defense lawyer James A.H. Bell and the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C. represent clients facing any type of criminal charge, including but not limited to:

Criminal Trespassing
White Collar Crime
Professional License
DUI / Drunk Driving
Drug Crimes
Sex Crimes
Homicide / Murder
White Collar Crimes

Facing Tennessee criminal charges? Hire a criminal defense attorney in Knoxville with 45+ years of experience.

James A.H. Bell is a veteran Tennessee criminal defense attorney, having tried verdicts on more than 1,000 contested cases.  Over the course of those many contested trials, Mr. Bell has argued his clients’ positions before Chancellors, Administrative Law Judges, Trial Judges, and citizen juries on the local, state, federal, and appellate levels.

Contact the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell today for a free, confidential consultation. During this trying time, our knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers are prepared to offer you the defense and assistance you require. We will walk you through the court system, respond to all of your inquiries, and fight tenaciously to defend your future and legal rights.

If you are facing criminal charges, entrust your freedom and rights to the skilled Tennessee criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell. We serve people all over East Tennessee, and our office is in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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