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It is well known that drinking and driving is a crime and that those convicted of DUI (driving under the influence) will face very serious consequences. That said, few people know that a person can be charged with DUI without ever getting behind the wheel. Under Tennessee law, a vehicle’s owner can be charged with DUI for merely allowing an intoxicated person to drive their vehicle. This is known as DUI by Consent. In cases of DUI by Consent, the owner of the vehicle faces the same consequences as the driver, meaning both can pay at least $5,000, and both are subject to having their licenses revoked. This means that if you allow someone to drive your car or to use your car, and that person gets charged with DUI, you can be charged with DUI even though you weren’t driving or even in the vehicle at the time.

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As you can see, the law in this area is extremely complex.  However, there are several defenses available to these crimes–even if the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time.  This means that if you are charged with DUI, DUI by Consent, BUI (boating under the influence), or the often-accompanying violation of the Implied Consent law, it is possible to avoid conviction if you act quickly and contact an attorney familiar and experienced in this complex area of law.

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