Why Urine Tests Are classified as the Least Reliable DUI Chemical Test

When given the opportunity, a driver need to decide on a DUI Urine Test over any other chemical tests.

In case you find yourself in the awkward position of knowing that you are under the influence of alcohol and are presented with the option to undergo a urine test, make sure that you take it instead of any other chemical test. In terms of the Tennessee DUI Testing which includes breath test, blood test and urine test, most DUI experts agree with the fact that urine testing is definitely the least accurate and for that reason probably to be regarded as inadmissible. For that reason, urine testing continues to be disfavored in many states and is offered simply as a test for the final option-that is, in the event the other chemical tests aren’t accessible. DUI Urine Testing remains popular for drug testing — compared to alcohol testing — despite the fact that the reputation of a drug in urine will not always deliver trusted information on whether the driver is really under the influence of alcohol at a certain time. Many professionals also feel that the content level of drugs in urine isn’t effectively associated with blood content level as outlined with alcohol, listed below.

The reason why urine testing is disfavored

Correlating the numbers. A good reason why urine testing is usually imprecise is that the amount of alcohol in the urine isn’t always the exact same as an individual’s blood. Experts agree with the fact that the amount of alcohol in urine is usually about 1.33 times the BAC amount. So, to change a urine test results in a similar blood alcohol level, it’s essential to split the urine alcohol amount by 1.33.

Even so, this amount is an average, and a person charged with a DUI can disagree at trial that this average amount didn’t pertain to the specific test taking place. For instance, some reports have indicated that some individuals have alcohol levels, which is only as high as 40% in their urine compared to in their blood, and some have double the alcohol amount in their urine compared to their blood. Furthermore, a urine sample will usually be preserved in order to also request a separate test.

The way the bladder functions. A different explanation why urine testing is disfavored is how the bladder functions. Due to the fact urine is kept in the bladder and remains there till the bladder is emptied, the contents of the bladder signify a moving composite of a regularly changing blood alcohol content. By doing this, the bladder’s contents inform a lot less with regards to someone’s blood alcohol at a specific moment compared to a blood sample. This can either work to the DUI driver’s advantage or against the driver arrested for a DUI.

  • Example 1: Drinking a long time ago. Maybe four hours ago, the driver has been drinking and has not been urinating since he had his drinks. If he has to take a DUI URINE TEST, the test results would be misleadingly high. For the reason that, his or her bladder could possibly have a high excessive amount of alcohol in comparison to his BAC.
  • Example 2: Drinking a short while ago. At the same time, let’s say that one hour or so prior to being tested, the driver might have had a jug of Gatorade, after which 15 minutes just before being stopped had a couple of shots of Johnny Walker. Since most of the alcohol might not have arrived at the bladder, and due to the diluting existence of the Gatorade currently existing, the urine test gives a misleadingly low outcome. This is why, the police often demand that a driver deliver another sample 20 minutes following the first. If that’s unattainable, the driver should take the more precise blood test or perhaps the breath test.
  • Same old issues. Eventually, urine samples are examined for alcohol practically identical as a blood test. The results are thus also controlled by a number of the same clinical problems.
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