Defending Your Tennessee Professional Credentials, Licenses, and Privileges When They Are at Risk.

Tennessee Administrative Licensing Lawyer

The Law offices of James A.H. Bell provide legal representation to licensed professionals, including medical practitioners and holders of liquor licenses, before the Alcohol and Beverage Commission, who are currently facing accusations of misconduct and are embroiled in various administrative and disciplinary actions.

Numerous holders of professional licenses may be the subject of an investigation or complaint by the licensing or disciplinary board. We assist professionals with navigating the licensing and disciplinary procedures on a regular basis.

When a complaint is filed, many professionals feel embarrassed to ask for assistance. There is no reason to do so. Complaints are often found to be unfounded. Protecting your professional reputation requires a prompt and aggressive response.

Administrative boards operate differently from most courts, so it is important to understand the process and the way decisions are made. Since professionals often make decisions, the advocate must be able to obtain information from subject matter experts and possess the in-depth knowledge necessary to make a convincing case to them.

At the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, our administrative attorneys will take the time to fully comprehend the nature of your problem, carefully weigh all of your options, and vigorously defend your professional license and livelihood on your behalf.

We are aware that there may be a risk to your ability to practice your profession. It might be more crucial than ever for you to find a skilled legal partner who can collaborate with you to present your best defense against such a harsh government sanction at this stressful and crucial time in your life.

We can assist you in negotiating for a workable resolution when it might be possible to do so without going to court. We are ready to aggressively advocate on your behalf and defend your legal rights in court if that becomes necessary.

Hiring an experienced administrative lawyer as soon as you become aware that you might be the target of disciplinary action is crucial to overcoming a professional discipline action. A favorable resolution to your matter may be more difficult to achieve the longer you permit the wheels of investigation and the administrative state to turn against you.

One should not underestimate the intricacy and attention to detail of the administrative and regulatory processes. Early on in the investigation and administrative process, you will likely have more negotiating power and a clearer route to a successful conclusion if you retain the services of a skilled administrative law attorney.

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