Top Ten Tips When Choosing a Tennessee DUI Defense Attorney.

choosing a koxville tennessee dui lawyer

Driving under the influence has the potential to cause personal injury, even after just one drink. Additionally, it is a criminal offense that carries major penalties like jail time, a permanent criminal record, or even the suspension of one’s driver’s license. If a police officer stops you while you are driving and finds that you are intoxicated, they will charge you with DUI.

1: Do you need an attorney if you have been arrested and charged with DUI?

Even though a first-time DUI is typically considered a misdemeanor in most states, handling the situation is still difficult. For someone facing their second or third charge, it can be much more difficult and frustrating than it is for a first-time offender. For this reason, you should not attempt to defend yourself or retain the services of a public defender if you are charged with DUI. Employ a lawyer with DUI defense experience.

2: How do I select an attorney for a DUI charge?

Having experienced DUI legal representation can make all the difference between jail time, discharge, and keeping your license. These tips will help you choose a reputable Tennessee DUI attorney.

3: Seek out prior experience with DUI legal matters. 

Select a knowledgeable DUI lawyer, ideally one who has been handling DUI-related criminal cases for more than ten years. This is because a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer will know how to defend your drunk driving case. They will have dealt with many DUI cases, some of which will be very similar to yours. Examine the volume of DUI cases they have managed and the outcomes they have produced for their clients.

4: Knowledge of state laws

Despite the fact that DUI first offenses are considered misdemeanors, you should speak with a Tennessee DUI defense lawyer who is well-versed in Tennessee DUI laws and the court system. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. There are variations in state laws. Select a Tennessee trial lawyer with extensive knowledge of state laws and traffic infractions in Tennessee.

5: Be open about any past and present criminal charges.

The majority of DUI clients withhold information because they are embarrassed. Being open and honest with your attorney will help them evaluate your case, determine the best course of action for your DUI defense, and perhaps even help you get your DUI charges reduced or dropped. 

  1. Does the lawyer provide a free initial consultation?

Since each case is different, the facts can change based on the circumstances. Prior to selecting a drunk driving defense attorney, take advantage of their complimentary consultation. This can assist you in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your case and how they can work to your advantage to get the best result.

7: About the law firm

It is best to have a small firm handle your case. The legal team at a large firm may occasionally become overloaded with DUI cases, even though a well-known criminal defense firm is not always a bad thing. Your case might not receive the attention and attention to detail it needs. Working with a smaller DUI defense firm that can give your case more individualized attention is preferable.

8: Ask for recommendations

Find out from a reliable source who has utilized their criminal defense services. Ask them about their experience with the Tennessee DUI defense law firm, the strength of the DUI defense, the circumstances surrounding their DUI case, and if the attorney offers a free initial consultation. Check for endorsements from third parties and on their website as well.

9: How much will it cost?

Have a conversation about the legal fees before hiring a DUI defense lawyer. Reputable attorneys do not come cheap, and there is variation in the fees that DUI defense attorneys charge. Find out how much they will charge and when it is due to help you determine if they are right for you.

10: Choose an attorney who spends time with you.

Criminal defense attorneys are very busy because of the large number of criminal cases they handle. In any case, look for a lawyer who is willing to discuss your case with you, hear your accusations, and outline your options.

Weigh out the pros and cons before making your final decision.

Remember, an arrest does not necessarily imply guilt. Choose an experienced DUI defense attorney that offers the best legal services, and past clients have relied on them to achieve the successful and fair outcome they deserve.

Once you’ve met with all of your potential Tennessee DUI defense attorneys, weigh out all the pros and cons of what each DUI defense law firm has to offer before choosing. Remember, as with any legal matter, it is critical that you consult with a skilled DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. 

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