DUI Ignores Diabetic Patients

DUI Ignores Diabetic Patients

When you are held by an officer under suspicion you often believe that the officer holding you on sport has no inherent training or skill which could help them detect the levels of intoxication. This means that they believe what they see disregarding any alternative explanations or understanding of situations.

DUI and diabetes

If we look at an example of what we have discussed above then we could get to know how the officers might get the wrong idea. For instance if a person has diabetes then they would often behave like an intoxicated person.

Symptoms To Look Out For

This may necessarily not mean they are intoxicated by the symptoms are so similar that it might lead the officer to believe that the person was intoxicated. Such symptoms could include: poor balance, impaired motor control, disorientation, flushed face and slow and slurred speech. This means that the officer would also ask you to take the field sobriety test which you might fail only because of being a diabetic person and not being intoxicated. Hypoglycemia (abnormally low levels of blood glucose) is a state which has been seen with drivers who are diabetic, and this is the state which is blamed for officers mixing intoxication with this. But if you’re thinking that the breathalyzer could clear that person? Well then you’re thinking wrong.


The reason for this is that the breathalyzer is designed in such a manner that it would use infrared beams of light to detect chemical compounds such as ethyl alcohol in the breath which contains the methyl in its molecular structure. The breathalyzer often registers thousands of compounds which may contain the methyl element, and those with Hypoglycemia would most likely to be convicted guilty as it creates molecules of Methyl in the breath for diabetic patients. This means and guarantees that diabetic patients only because of hypoglycemia would also be convicted guilty despite being innocent for which DUI rules and regulations have come under severe scrutiny by the public to alter its program and re-make the machines and detection tests.

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