A Legal Message Using a Sports Metaphor

A Few Words From Nationally Renowned Attorney Jim Bell

Recently a good friend passed. He was from the Midwest and in his younger days was a doggone good baseball player. His love for baseball never left, but he reconciled his disappointment when he realized the courtroom had become his Yankee Stadium, and instead of pitching baseballs, he was pitching justice. My friend’s love of the competition is within most trial lawyers, as we have no real fear of the courtroom, the jury, the judge. We have a spirit of enthusiasm of what is justice, and we have the discipline to find that justice for the case. We are a breed of our own, and that what makes us different than the transactional lawyers – we look for ways to win, within the rules, and we know that if we get knocked down by one witness, we typically rise up and knock on the door of Justice by another witness.

“Love of the competition is within most trial lawyers, as we have no real fear of the courtroom, the jury, the judge. “

Steven was another friend, whose son was tragically killed in a car wreck. He wanted to entrust us with the careful handling of his son’s personal injury death case. We asked him why of all the lawyers available on the billboards, the airwaves, and the other social media he chose us. His answer was simple: you folks have experience; you folks seem to find the difference that makes the difference in the outcome of a case, and you have repeated that menu over a long period of time. So, after Steven left the office, I made the comment to the staff that said this is a case where we are on top of the rankings at the beginning. We should not do anything to turn that winning chance into the jaws of defeat. That was a similar sports metaphor used decades ago. Of course, we followed our traditional professional path; we used our pattern of conduct; our professional method of operation to push through a successful win for Steven who was bringing suit on behalf of his deceased son. It was using the “game plan” that had worked so well for us time and time again.

Another good metaphor for lawyers to remember is that in the trenches of law cases there are not very many “Perry Mason Moments”. In court proceedings a Perry Mason moment occurs whenever information is suddenly, unexpectedly, unforeseeably and dramatically, introduced into the record that changes the perception of the proceedings greatly and often influences the outcome of the case at trial. Often it takes the form of a witness’s answer to a question, but it can sometimes come in the form of new evidence.

Contrarywise, the sudden and unexpected can never be planned out and thinking that it will is about as fruitful as a Hail Mary Pass completion. Our vast experience has shown it is the football analogy of gaining traction by short yardage with strong witnesses, adding little things to a big picture. At the end of the trial, just like at the end of the game, the jury, acting like the spectators, will marvel how persuasive your approach was to a winning bottom line, and that you obtained it with skill, professionalism and precision. Just like in the pros, they will say.

If you are looking for a lawyer who is not running a legal mill, and not providing you with the individual attention your case needs; and if on the other hand, you are looking for a lawyer who makes the courtroom his playground for justice, with the full spirit and determination, the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C. is the office for you and your case. Give us a call. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose for a brief consultation. 865-637-2900.

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