Shayne Cooper

Shayne Cooper

is an integral member of the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P.C. as the Chief Staff Investigator. Mr. Cooper’s involvement with the firm is to organize, investigate and prepare all cases for court, as necessary. Mr. Cooper’s contacts with the state and federal  law enforcement community, and his unique computer research skills has enabled the lawyers to fully and completely uncover defenses that are often overlooked by other investigators who provide independent contract aid to other law firms.

Because Mr. Cooper is employed in-house full time, the client also has a contact person the client can feel has his/her best interest at heart, as Mr. Cooper’s relationship is legally confidential to the outside world and protected under the attorney – client privilege and work product privilege.

Mr. Cooper comes from a distinguished law enforcement background, having served more than a decade with the Knoxville Police Department. Mr. Cooper served with distinction and respect as a patrol officer and criminal investigator. He has surveillance experience, traffic management experience, white collar crimes experience, narcotic crimes experience, undercover investigation experience, and child protection experience. His remarkable computer skills in Microsoft Works, Word, and PowerPoint have frequently been the difference that makes the difference in the cases within the office. Mr. Cooper holds an Associate Degree in Police Science, and holds numerous licenses and certificates in various scientific, forensic and computer from police and law enforcement conferences around the United States. Mr. Cooper’s work ethic is one of a tireless and relentless seeking of key facts and components in the defense of criminal cases, and in the prosecution of civil accident cases. Mr. Cooper has been on staff with the Law Offices of James A.H. Bell, P. C. since April, 2006.

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